Set of Whiskey tumblers (with Whiskey Rocks)


With our statement logo etched at the bottom of the glass and a distinct bubble in the base, these elegant Whiskey Tumblers are great for that Fine Bourbon. With a soft round rim, it allows for smooth and easy drinking.

Complete with our statement logo engraved whiskey stones, one can enjoy a drink without it being diluted by the traditional ice cube. The stones are cut and made from granite which provides natural cooling properties. Simply wash, place the stones in your freezer and they are ready for use.


x2 Etched Whiskey Tumblers

x6 Whiskey Stones (x2 Engraved)*

Whiskey Stone Features:

  • Cube shape drink coolers
    • Cools your drink without diluting
    • Cut from granite stone
    • Reusable
    • Simply wash and place stones in the freezer for use anytime
    • Includes pouch for storage

Hand Wash only

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